Sunday School Curriculum: How to evaluate curriculum

By Sparkhouse May 28, 2019

A ministry mindset of "know thyself" only takes us so far, however. When it comes to curriculum,..

Spring has sprung: 5 ministry resources to check out

By Sparkhouse April 26, 2019

Spring has finally arrived! For many of us that means some much-needed spring cleaning, for others..

Resurrect the season with a call to serve

By Sparkhouse April 25, 2019

We’re rarely in better form than on Easter morning, proclaiming the Good News that “Christ has..

Sunday School Curriculum: What kind of curriculum do I want?

By Sparkhouse April 23, 2019

What hopes do you have for your ministry? What physical and technological capabilities exist?..

Building an Intentional Church Nursery

By Sparkhouse April 22, 2019

Throughout the Bible, Jesus calls us to love one another. When disciples try to keep children out..

5 Minutes | This is Personal

By Sparkhouse April 18, 2019

As staff and lay leaders, we get the irony of Holy Week duties eclipsing our spiritual life. It's..

Benefits of youth serving in the nursery

By Sparkhouse April 8, 2019

If you have had the privilege of serving alongside youth in your nursery, you know just how much..

Volunteer appreciation month: Why you need volunteers

By Sparkhouse April 5, 2019

Before you start beating the bushes to find your volunteers, it’s helpful to wrap your head around..

How to make the Bible relevant for today's audience

By Sparkhouse April 4, 2019

This is the second blog post in our three-part series with ideas about hosting a new, engaging..

Youth Ministry Madness Finale

By Sparkhouse April 3, 2019

The Madness of March can be entirely thrilling and disappointing all in the span of a few weeks..


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