Why Frolic works for my church

Frolic curriculum works! | Sparkhouse Blog

Imagine walking into a church nursery and hearing seven little voices and their parents singing. “Today is the day for singing hello, singing hello, singing hello,” they trill. You see and hear the enthusiasm of the toddlers and preschoolers as they do accompanying motions.… Read the rest

Understanding grief: How to help

Grief can be a tough topic. Check out the first post in our Understanding Grief series, which highlights how you can help. | Sparkhouse Blog

This is the first blog post in a series offering support to ministry leaders as they support those in their congregations while they grieve. Our next blog post in this series will be published on July 19.


Death and loss are sad facts of life, but those involved in general ministry in their churches are often on the front lines of offering comfort.… Read the rest

3 reasons you need to be reading aloud to preschoolers

Three key benefits for reading aloud to preschoolers | Sparkhouse blog

No matter the time of year, there’s one thing that never goes out of style: books! Following along with your favorite character’s adventures can take you to new places—and even open your mind to different ideas than you’ve experienced before.

For our preschoolers, reading aloud and sharing stories offers several benefits to their development and even, future reading ability.… Read the rest