Welcoming Neurodiversity in Christian Education and Worship

By Jessica Davis June 27, 2023

"One of them, an expert in the law, asked him a question to test him. 'Teacher, which commandment..

Building Disability Accommodations into Sunday School

By Rev. Carla Wilson August 10, 2021

Content Warning: Reference to the Holocaust

A truthful and vulnerable moment; I know that the..

5 Steps to Make Your Congregation More Autism Friendly

By Linnea Peterson April 30, 2020

We recognize that this is an unusual and even unprecedented time to be doing ministry. This post..

Your ADHD Pastor and You

By Pastor Kay Rohloff December 19, 2019

While there’s less written about how it affects adults than children, ADHD is a condition that..

The Challenges of Taking Communion while Neurodivergent

By Joy Caires December 17, 2019

If you were to chunk up the worship service into bits, you might describe it fairly simply—we pray,..

4 Ways to Teach Nonverbal Kids in Sunday School

By Kathryn Watson December 12, 2019

My son is five years old, and he doesn’t really talk. He’s trying, and we’re hearing a few words..

Structuring Confirmation around Neurodiverse Learners

By Tammie Sinibaldo December 10, 2019

Neurodiversity – We’re all in this together

If I took a poll of my confirmation youth (ages 12-15),..

10 Tips to Make Sunday School Autism-Friendly

By Linnea Peterson December 5, 2019

As an autistic adult who wasn’t diagnosed with autism until recently, there are plenty of things I..

Sparkhouse Launches a Series of Blog Posts on Neurodiversity

By Sparkhouse December 3, 2019

Throughout Advent, Sparkhouse will be running a series of blog posts focused on neurodiversity at..


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