Rev. Carla Wilson

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts with Help from Online Tools

By Rev. Carla Wilson November 28, 2023

My congregation recently used a leadership retreat day to experiment with a corporate team building..

Teaching about Healthy Relationships during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

By Rev. Carla Wilson October 3, 2023

This month I invite youth and young adult leaders into a topic that can be challenging, and even..

Celebrating the Season of Creation with Youth

By Rev. Carla Wilson September 5, 2023

One of my favorite times in the modern church year is the ecumenical “Season of Creation.” The..

Using Restorative Justice Principles with Children and Youth

By Rev. Carla Wilson August 8, 2023

Sometimes the best tools in education come from unexpected sources. Such was the case with..

Teaching Culture and Inclusion through Authentic Crafts

By Rev. Carla Wilson July 6, 2023

Hooray for summer! Whether you are enjoying having your favorite young ones at home or busily..

Nurturing LGBTQ Youth at Church

By Rev. Carla Wilson June 20, 2023

Content note: This blog post contains brief mentions of suicide and self-harm.

The Trevor Project..

Spring Cleaning Your Faith Formation Space with an Equity Lens

By Rev. Carla Wilson May 16, 2023

We often speak of spring cleaning as a time to cleanse and refresh our spaces in preparation for..

Honoring Earth Day with Your Church's Youth

By Rev. Carla Wilson April 11, 2023

Earth Day is coming up! If you are like my students, you have enjoyed getting your hands dirty in..

Liturgical Role Play as Faith Formation

By Rev. Carla Wilson March 14, 2023

“Remember Baby McBabyface?”

I recently had the joy of reconnecting with several youth who took part..

Honoring Black History Month as a Congregation

By Rev. Carla Wilson February 2, 2023

The month of February is honored as Black History Month, an annual celebration of achievements by..


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