Disability Accommodations in Early Childhood Ministry

By Amber Lappin September 13, 2022

Making our spaces welcoming for all children requires consideration of their individual needs. We..

Creating Routines for Preschoolers

By Amber Lappin August 16, 2022

Preschoolers sometimes get an unfair reputation. This adorable group of humans is known for being..

Talking about Family with Preschoolers

By Amber Lappin July 21, 2022

For young children, their families are essentially their whole world. Infants and toddlers depend..

Respecting Preschoolers' Boundaries

By Amber Lappin June 21, 2022

The early childhood years are marked by newfound independence. Children are forming their own..

Reintroducing Frolic, Sparkhouse's Early Childhood Curriculum

By Sparkhouse June 16, 2022

It’s been a few years since Sparkhouse launched Frolic, our early childhood faith-formation..

Effective and Compassionate Behavior Management for Preschoolers

By Amber Lappin May 24, 2022

Early childhood classrooms are famously sticky when it comes to behavior management. It’s easy to..

Helping Preschoolers through Transitions

By Amber Lappin April 7, 2022

For such tiny little humans, preschoolers can have BIG feelings about change. Often, moving from..

Tips for Reading Aloud to Preschoolers

By Amber Lappin March 24, 2022

When a bunch of preschoolers gather together, it is almost certain that someone will read them a..

Encouraging Weary Parents of Young Children

By Amber Lappin February 22, 2022

Our culture can be notoriously hard on parents of young children. There are so many unrealistic..

Why Free Play in Early Childhood Classrooms?

By Amber Lappin January 18, 2022

Making every moment count is a great value when it comes to children’s ministry. It’s true that..


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