Reintroducing Frolic, Sparkhouse's Early Childhood Curriculum

Jun 16, 2022 9:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse

It’s been a few years since Sparkhouse launched Frolic, our early childhood faith-formation curriculum. Recently, however, we’ve been working on making Frolic more accessible and affordable, particularly by releasing the storybooks that accompany many Sparkhouse lessons in paperback form. We’re hoping that this makes it easier for churches to start using (or continue using!) the Frolic curriculum.

So what is Frolic? Frolic is a set of three early childhood faith-formation curricula drawing on brain science as well as theology. Frolic curricula build faith in babies and young children through play, which is how that age group learns best. The three forms of Frolic are Frolic Nursery, Frolic Preschool, and Frolic Family.

Frolic Nursery is a curriculum that builds an intentional church nursery where faith formation can take place for children from birth through age two. This vision of the church nursery goes far beyond “babysitting” and helps children learn faith concepts through play, storytelling, prayers, and music. Resources for Frolic Nursery include mini lessons, posters, prayer cards, and music recordings, and this curriculum relies on the Frolic First Bible and the Frolic Board Books. To learn more about creating an intentional church nursery, check out this free eBook. Curriculum samples are available.

Frolic Preschool is a play-based Sunday school curriculum for preschoolers, featuring age-appropriate play spaces, prayers, rituals, storytelling, and music. Resources for Frolic Preschool include posters, story sheets, stickers, and music recordings, and this curriculum relies on the Frolic Preschool Bible and the Frolic Storybooks, the ones that have been re-released as paperbacks. Curriculum samples are available.

Frolic Family is a parent-child curriculum designed to build community and extend faith from church to home. Its purpose is to help young parents get to know each other while also helping babies and toddlers build faith concepts through play and rituals. Resources for Frolic Family include monthly newsletters, music recordings, posters, and prayer cards, and this curriculum relies on the Frolic Bibles, board books, and storybooks. Curriculum samples are available.

Subscribing to Sparkhouse Digital enables you to access leader guide content, stream music, and send the Frolic Family monthly newsletter. The physical materials (Bibles, storybooks, board books, posters, prayer cards, etc.) must be purchased separately.

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