Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Home, Head, and Heart

By Tera Michelson April 5, 2022

Summer is no vacation for youth workers. When students are available, we ramp up. Camp, volunteer..

How to Do Intergenerational Ministry

By Jessica Davis March 29, 2022

In my blog entry last month, I discussed how to assess when we should aim for "siloed" approaches..

Tips for Reading Aloud to Preschoolers

By Amber Lappin March 24, 2022

When a bunch of preschoolers gather together, it is almost certain that someone will read them a..

Healthy Conflict in Church Communities

By Nicholas Tangen March 22, 2022

I grew up in a culture where conflict was seen as toxic and hazardous. I learned, through..

Embodying Our Faith during the Great Three Days

By Rev. Carla Wilson March 15, 2022

Tell me. Show me. Let me try. That progression is a time- and experience-tested arc of learning..

Take Easter Beyond the Bunny: Holy Week Programming for Youth

By Tera Michelson March 10, 2022

We are knee deep in Lent now, but Easter is coming! Our traditional Easter breakfast has been..

Involving Kids in Holy Week

By Ruth Sall March 8, 2022

I love teaching children about the early church and how every week was an Easter celebration in the..

Ways Kids Can Help at Church

By Cathy Skogen-Soldner March 1, 2022

Children have a natural desire to help. As adults, we nurture that desire when we invite them to..

Abiding Days

By Tera Michelson February 24, 2022

How are you? No, really—I mean this question as more than a greeting. Let’s take an inventory: How..

Encouraging Weary Parents of Young Children

By Amber Lappin February 22, 2022

Our culture can be notoriously hard on parents of young children. There are so many unrealistic..


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