Summer Sabbath for Children and Families

By Ruth Sall June 23, 2022

We made it through another strange and difficult school and church year of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Respecting Preschoolers' Boundaries

By Amber Lappin June 21, 2022

The early childhood years are marked by newfound independence. Children are forming their own..

Reintroducing Frolic, Sparkhouse's Early Childhood Curriculum

By Sparkhouse June 16, 2022

It’s been a few years since Sparkhouse launched Frolic, our early childhood faith-formation..

How to Honor Juneteenth if You're Not Black

By Jessica Davis June 14, 2022

As a D/E/I educator, I get contacted by many primarily or all-white churches, more each year,..

Unlocking Spirituality with Computer Keys

By Cathy Skogen-Soldner June 9, 2022

Many children are already familiar with the keys on a computer keyboard. All they need is a guide..

Talking to Young People about Gun Violence

By Rev. Carla Wilson June 7, 2022

I ask us to wrestle with a painful topic that is front and center in the news across the nation..

Communication Camp: Take a Crash Course in Being Together Again

By Tera Michelson May 31, 2022

Before this summer of ministry shifts into high gear, push reset on peer relationships among..

Effective and Compassionate Behavior Management for Preschoolers

By Amber Lappin May 24, 2022

Early childhood classrooms are famously sticky when it comes to behavior management. It’s easy to..

Prioritizing Relationships over Issues

By Nicholas Tangen May 19, 2022

In my work with congregations in the Minneapolis Area Synod, I’ve been trying to encourage faith..

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