Meet the Frolic First Bible!

By Sparkhouse August 20, 2019


What’s Inside: A message for parents and 20 illustrated Bible stories (10 Old, 10..

Welcome to Meet Your Bible!

By Sparkhouse August 19, 2019


To ring in the school year, we are highlighting Sparkhouse’s Bibles for young children, kids,..

Sunday school activity: Scramble prayers for children

By Cathy Skogen-Soldner August 6, 2019

Remember when your teacher put “Thanksgiving” up on the board and challenged your class to make..

Nurturing a Mindful Ministry

By Marissa Letscher July 30, 2019

Looking back over my early childhood in the Lutheran church, I've observed how deeply ingrained an..

Four tips for new youth ministry workers

By Bryan Bliss July 23, 2019

A first youth ministry job can be intimidating at the start. The church you're serving likely has..

Giving a Tried-and-True Song a Thrilling New Twist

By Cathy Skogen-Soldner July 16, 2019

Older songs are often good songs; however, if we repeatedly sing the same songs in the same way,..

Effectively addressing conflict in your church

By Rebecca Ninke July 9, 2019

The Schism of a Congregation 

Some years ago, I was asked to preach in a lovely congregation that..

Budget, schmudget: Thoughts for creating a budget for your ministry program

By Marissa Letscher July 2, 2019

I loathe budgets. Wouldn't it be fabulous if money just grew on trees?! Alas, that is not reality,..

How to start getting 'buy in' from the church to start a Sunday school program

By Linda Tibbitts June 25, 2019

How do you start? It's about asking questions! 

People sometimes ask, “How do you get buy-in from..

The summertime family connection conundrum

By Valerie Fulton June 20, 2019

You have the best of intentions for keeping your parent and child group together during the..


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