Emily E. Ewing

Celebrating Difference on Pentecost

By Emily E. Ewing May 2, 2023

Pentecost, commonly known as the birthday of the church, is one of my favorite holidays. It has..

Nurturing Kids' Curiosity through the Questions and Doubts

By Emily E. Ewing April 4, 2023

“What happened to all the poop on the ark?” “Why are there so many cars over there?” “How many..

The Importance of Symbols

By Emily E. Ewing March 7, 2023

Last month a neighbor alerted me about a white supremacist symbol that had been stuck to the..

Teaching Kids about Different Kinds of Love

By Emily E. Ewing February 7, 2023

As Valentine’s Day approaches, this is a great opportunity to talk to kids about love and different..

Teaching Children about Consent at Church

By Emily E. Ewing January 31, 2023

As children grow, they learn a lot about their own bodies as well as the bodies of those around..

Celebrate the Baptism of Jesus with Your Congregation

By Emily E. Ewing December 20, 2022

Each January, the first Sunday after Epiphany is Baptism of Jesus, where we read and talk about..

Simple Ways to Celebrate Advent at Home

By Emily E. Ewing November 1, 2022

The season of Advent is frequently eclipsed by the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping squeezed..

Preparing Your Church for National Coming Out Day

By Emily E. Ewing October 4, 2022

National Coming Out Day is coming up on October 11, and many faith communities already have plans..

Inclusive Language to Talk about Family

By Emily E. Ewing August 30, 2022

As people and families are increasingly able to be open and creatively authentic about who they are..

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