Meet the Frolic Preschool Bible!

Aug 22, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse



What’s Inside: A message for parents and 40 illustrated Bible stories (20 Old, 20 New)

Highlights: Each 100-word story spans two pages with a takeaway statement at the end. Story retellings help preschoolers learn the story through sound effects, dialogue, and other story details. The handy size makes it easy for preschoolers to hold their own story Bible.

Illustrations: Simple, warm images of friendly people and animals drawn by artist Natasha Rimmington

Best for These Ages: Preschoolers between ages 3 and 5

Pair with This Curriculum: Frolic Preschool

A Great Gift: Three-year-olds beginning Sunday school, preschooler baptisms, families attending the church’s day preschool

Helpful Tip: Little ones graduating from the Frolic First Bible to this one will enjoy more stories, longer retellings, and takeaways that connect them to the broader faith community.

To Learn More: Click HERE to look inside the Frolic Preschool Bible. Check out other Frolic resources HERE to see how you can nurture faith in young children with Frolic Preschool Sunday School.

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