Linda Tibbitts

Fundraising for children and family ministries

By Linda Tibbitts April 2, 2019

Fundraising for children’s ministry may seem cumbersome, complicated and maybe even a little..

Engaging preschool families: Be in relationship with volunteers

By Linda Tibbitts January 28, 2019

Over the past months, I have blogged about what churches could be doing for families with..

Providing a strong biblical base for building faith

By Linda Tibbitts October 29, 2018

In talking with young parents who are seeking to raise their children in the Christian faith, I..

Building relationships with young families in your church

By Linda Tibbitts October 8, 2018

In a recent webinar, I opened by sharing the scripture where Jesus tells the disciples to let..

How to find an early childhood ministry program that works

By Linda Tibbitts September 24, 2018

Walking into the church nursery, you see families laughing and learning together as they play..


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