Kids lead worship – it’s not just singing anymore!

By Cathy Skogen-Soldner July 3, 2018

Are your kids leading worship?  Why not include their creativity, talent, faith and energy in..

Use Flat Jesus to remind kids Jesus is with you

By Sparkhouse June 4, 2018

It’s officially summer! As much as we celebrate that, we know that it makes your ministry..

Flip-flop summer faith

By Christy Olson May 29, 2018

Ah ... the time of year when flip-flops call to your feet. Sunny summer, the feel of breezes,..

10 Bible-based experiences to connect with Flat Jesus

By Deb Hetherington May 23, 2018

The kids in your class are set up with their Flat Jesus characters (and we hope you had fun..

Three resources to continue faith formation in the summer

By Sparkhouse May 3, 2018

Summer can be a really strange time for people who work or volunteer as ministry leaders. On the..

Introduce your students to Flat Jesus this summer!

By Sparkhouse April 25, 2018

During the summer months, it can be challenging to find ways to engage students of any age...

For the beauty of the Earth: how to celebrate Earth Day through the Bible and arts

By Deb Hetherington April 11, 2018

Earth Day provides us with an intentional day of the calendar year to celebrate the beauty of..

6 tips for healthily navigating Holy Week

By Rebecca Ninke March 26, 2018

Holy Week. How do you react when you read those words? Do you look forward to the spiritual..


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