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A Purity Curriculum? Really?!

By Erik Ullestad February 13, 2020

If you found yourself wondering why Sparkhouse was making a purity curriculum, let me reassure you..

Youth Ministry Mission Trips: Part Three

By Erik Ullestad May 17, 2019

You made it to the finish line. Your mission trip week has come to an end. It was a week of..

Youth Ministry Mission Trips: Part Two

By Erik Ullestad May 13, 2019

In the part one blog post (here) I shared the ways that a Mission Trip is like running a mile,..

Youth Ministry Mission Trips: Part One

By Erik Ullestad April 30, 2019

I used to run the mile in track. Four laps around in a circle. My coach used to talk about the..

Getting your youth ready for graduation

By Erik Ullestad April 10, 2019

High School Graduation is a major milestone in the life of a young person as well as their..

Talking about love in youth group

By Erik Ullestad February 13, 2019

You probably don’t need to be reminded that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. 


Kids say the darndest things about love

By Erik Ullestad February 5, 2019

What is love? (Sorry if you started to bop your head to the Haddaway song just now.)

Jesus tells..

Reconnecting with lost youth: Staying connected

By Erik Ullestad January 16, 2019

This is the third and final post in our series for youth leaders about reconnected with lost..

Reconnecting with lost youth: How it works

By Erik Ullestad January 9, 2019

This is the second of a three-part series about starting the year with a fresh start. Our first..

Reconnecting with lost youth: Why bother?

By Erik Ullestad January 2, 2019

This is the first of a three-part series for leaders about starting the new year with a fresh..


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