Deb Hetherington

3 tips to help kids understand the meaning of church seasons

By Deb Hetherington October 9, 2018

What season is it? Sounds like such an easy question for kids (and adults) to answer, but for..

5 easy ways to start planning for Advent and Christmas

By Deb Hetherington September 14, 2018

We just got back into the swing of things with fall, and finally recovering from all the great..

Church nursery: Cultivating and training youth volunteers

By Deb Hetherington August 27, 2018

This is the final blog post in a series about the ministry of the Church Nursery as one of the..

10 Bible-based experiences to connect with Flat Jesus

By Deb Hetherington May 23, 2018

The kids in your class are set up with their Flat Jesus characters (and we hope you had fun..

How to support kids' faith journeys with Bibles

By Deb Hetherington May 16, 2018

How often do you invite kids to read from the Bible?

How often do all kids in Sunday School have a..

For the beauty of the Earth: how to celebrate Earth Day through the Bible and arts

By Deb Hetherington April 11, 2018

Earth Day provides us with an intentional day of the calendar year to celebrate the beauty of..

5 tips for leading Sunday school music even if you aren’t musical

By Deb Hetherington March 12, 2018

“Yikes! There is music in Sunday School today!”

“Help! I need to lead Sunday School music this..


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