Why should you use a digital curriculum platform?

Jun 6, 2018 7:00:45 AM / by Sparkhouse

Kids love digital curriculums—and you will, too! | Sparkhouse Blog

Kids these days aren't just computer savvy. They literally can't remember a time when social media and search engines weren't the way to communicate and get information. Want your church curriculum to reach as many students as possible? You'll have to start leveraging some technology options yourself.

Bringing technology into the Sunday school or youth group setting can feel like a burden. Especially if you aren’t very tech savvy yourself. But it can have a huge impact on how your kids learn, and even their experience with the lesson. In addition to technology resources for your students, using a digital curriculum makes teaching easier for you, too!

Not quite convinced? Here are some of the ways using a digital curriculum platform helps you engage your students and grow your ministry:

Prepare in less time

Gone are the days where you have to try to remember what lesson you are teaching what day. Let alone who you assigned to do what. With a digital curriculum platform, it's easy to find exactly what you need. You're only a few clicks away.

Often, these platforms include a calendar and planning tool that make it easy for you to see all pertinent information. You'll know exactly what will be covered in the next lesson, who’s assigned to teach it, and what you can expect to happen in the next few weeks.

Use age-appropriate resources

Digital curriculum platforms focus on segmenting their libraries so that you know which age group you should target. This gives you confidence that your lessons are hitting important developmental and faith formation marks.

In addition, digital curriculum platforms make it easy for you to access videos and music. Often, they let you play what you need right from your account! Your students—the ones who grew up with technology—will love it and stay engaged!

Fit your context

Your Sunday school goals are likely different than those of the church down the street. Yet most traditional curriculum only lets you stray so far from the scope and sequence.

With a digital curriculum platform, you have the option to pick and choose the lessons that work best for you and your students. Perhaps one week you’d like to feature a video in your lesson, but the next, you prefer an activity-based session that sets up workshops to help your kids learn. Accessing numerous models of curriculum on one platform makes it easy to tailor your program to what works best for you. Even if it changes from week to week.

Interested in trying a digital curriculum platform? Sparkhouse will launch Sparkhouse Digital on July 10, which gives you all-access to its curriculum by age group—early childhood, children, or youth. Visit our website for more information.

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