3 teaching tips to try next Sunday

Mar 5, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Getting kids to show up at Sunday school can be one challenge, but once they are there, keeping them engaged while helping them learn can be another challenge in itself!

As a Sunday school teacher, you’ve likely tried every teaching tip in the book to get them excited about the hour you have to share Bible stories and lessons with them. And sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to work – no matter what you try.

Before you throw up your hands and tell your ministry leaders that your Sunday school curriculum just isn’t working, try these three tips for your Sunday school classroom.

Add an element of surprise

While repetition helps kids learn and many Sunday school curricula are designed to include that component, sometimes you need to switch things up a bit and give them an element of surprise.

Are you talking about Noah’s Ark? Bring in a pet (check with parents first to make sure no severe pet allergies!) and talk about it in relation to the lesson. Or, invite kids to bring a picture of their favorite animal and talk about it in front of the class.

Or perhaps hold class outside. If the weather is right, holding your classroom in a new environment can add excitement while the fresh air never hurts. 

Use the arts

Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way! Use the arts – like photography or dancing – to give the lesson a different pace. Veteran Children’s Minister Christy Olson shares her ideas in this blog post.

Alternatively, there are Sunday school curriculum focused on using art to teach kids about the Bible – rotation, for instance, offers a workshop-based approach that helps your kids learn through drama or art.

Turn the kids into teachers

Give kids a chance to be the teachers and help their fellow students learn the lesson. As the teacher, this may require some extra pre-work from you – but the resulting engagement and learning will be worth it.

Each month have a group of kids in charge of one lesson. This will require some additional logistics; but work with them one or two Sundays leading up until then to find out what activity they would like to host and how they’d like to orient the lesson.

Kids learning from kids – a great way for all to learn! Plus, it’ll teach kids key values like accountability and helping others, which is an extra bonus!


We hope these tips inspire you! Do something new, get the kids participating, mix it up a bit. It never hurts to try. But do note, it may take a few attempts, however in the end you will find the right method for you and your classroom.

Tell us your other creative Sunday school teaching tips in the comments below!

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