Three reasons to try rotation Sunday school

Jan 8, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Are you looking for something new for your Sunday school? 

Do you have volunteers in your church eager to help lead, but who aren’t able  – or willing –  to commit to a year-long program? 

Is a goal of yours to help kids really learn and retain Bible stories?

If the answer is YES to any (or all!) of these questions, it’s time for you to check out a rotation Sunday school to engage your Sunday school kids and build a program that uses your community’s talents.

Don’t believe us? Check out these three reasons to try a rotation Sunday school model. 

Teach kids to their learning style

It’s no secret that not everyone learns in the same way. For some kids, this can make a traditional Sunday school classroom model challenging. With rotation Sunday school, you help kids learn about the Bible through workshops – such as cooking, art, or digital media and technology!

Rotation Sunday school focuses on repetition – meaning your kids will learn the same Bible story over a course of a few weeks. Repetition strengthens connections in the brain, meaning that your kids will be more likely to retain the information you’re teaching because of it.

Plus, if you have a kid who misses one week, that’s not a problem! They can easily pick up the next week without missing a beat. 

Engage more volunteers

Yes, you read that right! Rotation Sunday school gives you an opportunity to engage volunteers so they can share their gifts. Drama teacher? Professional chef? Art teacher? Give them a chance to lead Sunday school with rotation!

Rotation Sunday school offers leaders the opportunity to volunteer for one week or multiple weeks, giving them the opportunity to lead based on what works with their schedule and showcase their gift or interest. In doing so, you can help reduce volunteer burnout and help your community engage in new ways. 

Build a program that works for you

Every Sunday school is a little bit different, and rotation Sunday school adapts to what your needs are. You can cover a story for one week or multiple weeks; you can use numerous workshops or just focus on one.

Whether you have a one-room Sunday school or separate classrooms for each age group, rotation Sunday school adapts to your needs. It also gives you the flexibility to create a Sunday school that works for you – take the scope and sequence for the rotation Sunday school model and modify it based on your specific programming. 

That’s great! What’s next?

Sparkhouse offers Spark Rotation, a rotation Sunday school that features eight workshops to engage your kids. Take them through the Bible by exploring it through art, drama, cooking, video, and our NEW digital media and technology workshop!


Interested in learning more? Check out our samples and learn more about what Spark Rotation can offer your Sunday school!



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