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Jun 22, 2018 7:00:44 AM / by Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse Digital is coming July 10! Check out three features you should be excited about | Sparkhouse blog

You asked, we listened.

And we’re excited to announce that Sparkhouse Digital will be here on Tuesday, July 10. In creating a new digital platform, our goal was to offer a tool that offers you more resources to develop a program that fits your context.

Whether you are starting an intentional church nursery, expanding your Sunday school, or seeking new options for your youth group, Sparkhouse Digital offers more than 15,000 downloadable resources to take the guesswork out of planning, simplify leader engagement, and create a faith formation program that works for you.

What is Sparkhouse Digital?

With Sparkhouse Digital, you have unlimited access to all leader resources across early childhood, children, and youth. In addition to leader materials, reproducibles and extras like coloring pages, music, and faith formation articles are also available. Sparkhouse Digital subscribers will also receive exclusive access to bonus content, including how-to podcasts and supporting activities for lessons.

In honor of the three weeks until Sparkhouse Digital will be available, we’re offering a sneak peek into three key areas of the digital platform.


Youth Resources… now available digitally!

A sneak peek at the Youth Library in Sparkhouse Digital | Sparkhouse blog

We are excited to offer our youth curriculum—including bible study, confirmation, youth Sunday school, youth group, and small group resources—in Sparkhouse Digital

Key functionality for youth includes:

Unlimited access to leader resources all Sparkhouse youth curricula
Pick and choose from your favorite Sparkhouse youth curricula and resources to create a program that meets the need of your youth group. Whether you want to plan for a weekend retreat, your annual confirmation program, or for a monthly youth Sunday school, Sparkhouse Digital makes it easy!

Leader and director assignments
Your leaders and directors will have access to Sparkhouse Digital once you set them up; which means that they can easily see what they are assigned to and prepare for lessons in advance. Schedule out for the entire year or just a few weeks—whichever works best for you!

Get exclusive content
From how-to podcasts on the best way to lead a Colaborate lesson to complementary activities for small group, Sparkhouse Digital includes bonus content that you can’t access anywhere else. 

More curriculum and resources for Sparkhouse Digital Early Childhood

A sneak peek at content in Sparkhouse Digital Early Childhood | Sparkhouse blog

Our existing Frolic Online subscribers currently enjoy unlimited access to leader resources for Frolic Nursery and Frolic Family—but now, with Sparkhouse Digital Early Childhood, you gain access to all of our preschool Sunday school brands:

>  Frolic Preschool
>  Spark Classroom for Preschool
>  Spark Lectionary for Preschool
>  Spark Rotation for Preschool
>  Whirl Classroom for Preschool
>  Whirl Lectionary for Preschool


An easy-to-use planning tool

A sneak peek at the planning tool in Sparkhouse Digital | Sparkhouse Blog


Sparkhouse Digital features state-of-the-art planning and calendar tools to make it easy to plan for the weeks and months to go. It makes it even easier to create a program that uses the resources that works best for you and your church.

Plus, simplify communication with your directors and leaders—once you give them access to Sparkhouse Digital, they can log in and see what they are assigned. Ensure they know what’s coming up next, whether it happens this week or five weeks from now.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to keep you updated on Sparkhouse Digital and what you can expect with this new digital curriculum platform. Interested in learning more? Head over to SparkhouseDigital.com and sign up to receive updates and exclusive email offers!





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