Race Matters. Does Becoming a Faithful Church Matter?

Jun 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Michelle Townsend de Lopez

We all want to answer an affirmative yes to this question, but even in this mini three-part blog there may have been uncomfortable feelings and perhaps disturbing answers to these very real questions. Only you and your leadership know what that means for you, your church, and your faith.

Beginning the journey of re-education on race means you are in for some uncomfortable situations and hard work. White people will need to process how the micro details embedded in racism have led to you being complacent and/or complicit.

Recap On Why This Matters

This matters because Christianity was imported from Europe to the Americas in a form that embodies racism and perpetuates a historically inaccurate Christology that validates whiteness above all other racial identities. This Christology has continued to breed division and hurt BIPOC communities and white people too, in order to maintain a white reality to the detriment of our souls.

Pastors, your next step is to seize the opportunities to call out racism for what the Bible calls it—a sin. If you have been avoiding talking about racism from the pulpit, now is the time to do something different. You are not alone. Jesus has got you and has sent you the best instruction book: the Bible.

The Bible addresses racism and diversity, and we must remember the following:

  • In Genesis, all people are God’s good creation.
  • In Galatians, "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."
  • In Revelation, the “Beloved Community” is a great multitude from each nation and all tribes speaking every language before the throne.

Martin Luther reminds us, “By faith we began, by hope we continue, and by revelation we shall obtain the whole.”

Stay engaged, remember the purpose, and pace yourself—it is a journey.

Blessings on the way!

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Michelle Townsend de Lopez

Written by Michelle Townsend de Lopez

Rev. Michelle currently serves as the Lead Pastor at Cross Ev. Lutheran church in Milwaukee, WI. She is committed to the execution of the purpose and vision of the congregation grounded in the Holy Spirit and social justice issues at the intersections of race, class, gender and sexual orientation for our community. She is responsible for various areas of ministry such as administration, communication, worship & prayer, sacramental ministry, pastoral care, elders/caregivers, community outreach, ministry partners and evangelism for all ministries.


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