What does mission mean?

Oct 17, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


What does mission mean? Does it require sacrifice? What we do: does it really matter?

These questions may seem easy to answer on the surface. After all, we all have our own beliefs and are at our own unique spots in our faith journey.

But, that’s where it gets complicated. What one of us may believe may be completely different than the person sitting next to us on Sunday. Who’s right? Maybe both of us are.

See what we mean? 

For youth, this can be conflicting as they embark on their journey of discovering their faith. As they begin to take ownership of their faith, they explore what important topics and beliefs mean – and how that relates to them and their own faith.

To help, we often take them on a journey of learning about the Bible, faith practices, and what that means to their community. Embarking on a bigger journey can empower them to explore what they believe – and why.


This is where T.B.D. comes in 

T.B.D.: Think. Believe. Do. creates an unforgettable experience for your youth. As a four-week curriculum, it offers a deep dive into key topics relevant to teens as they uncover what they believe and why they believe it.

Coming this December, youth leaders can explore the meaning of mission and what it means to their students with a four-week unit that digs into four provocative statements:

  • We are God’s servants
  • God needs my help
  • Mission requires sacrifice
  • Everything you do matters

The statements offer a platform – a starting point – to get youth thinking, discussing, and forming their opinions about how mission relates to their faith.

Through a facilitator guide, leaders are equipped to host a conversation about the topic at hand, guiding youth to think deeply and consider other opinions around them as they come to a resolution for their feelings on the particular statement. 

For youth, they sketch and jot down their thoughts in the student handbook, which serves as an ongoing resource as they continue to explore their faith and in this case, what mission means to them. 

Ready to empower your youth to take hold of their faith and what it means to them? Good. That’s what T.B.D. is here to do.


Interested in learning more? Check out why we developed T.B.D.!  

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Written by Sparkhouse


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