Youth Ministry Podcast: What’s in our mailbag?

Apr 23, 2018 7:00:07 AM / by Sparkhouse

Mailbag time! Sharing behind-the-scenes insight into our listener questions for the Youth Ministry Podcast, and how you can get featured! | Sparkhouse Blog

Over the past few months, our youth ministry podcast has evolved from something fun for Bryan and Erik to do when they have a free minute (because, hey, that’s totally a thing when you focus on youth ministry, right?!) to a place where they can respond to your questions, talk about difficult topics, and also give you a chance to laugh a little (let’s face it, that’s necessary).

And, it has led to quite the change in our mailbag—or the requests that we get from you, our listener. A few weeks ago, we hosted a different kind of Youth Ministry Podcast episode, where we answered YOUR burning questions (and we agree with Erik, we can’t help but think about Blue’s Clues every time we hear mailbag!).

What’s in the Youth Ministry Podcast mailbag?

During this episode, Bryan and Erik try to answer a few listener questions to their best ability. Tara, for instance, shares that she loves to teach confirmation but the feeling that “youth don’t want to be there” can be frustrating. Valerie, on the other hand, questions what really is “enough” for teens and confirmation—is it simply showing up? Or, is there some accountability?

And perhaps the most interesting question of the episode comes from Chris, who is curious to hear what tops the list for the most important things for a youth minister or worker to do in their role. Bryan feels like the role serves as a bridge to future faith—despite feeling like his youth never remembered anything that he talked about during their youth group or confirmation.

Interested in hearing all that Bryan and Erik have to say in this episode? Catch it here.

More importantly, if you have a burning question to ask Bryan and Erik about youth ministry—and there’s not much that they won’t talk about—submit your question or comment on our website here.

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