Join in on the fun: Youth Ministry Madness is here!

Feb 27, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Let’s face it: as youth workers, there are some challenges facing you. 

You always have dads who are more than happy to chaperone the laser tag outing but disappear faster than a bag of chocolate when you need people for the youth committee.

Everyone seems to think that you are a key-master and have access to every room in the church.

And, well, the pastor never thinks twice to ask you if you can lead adult Sunday school. I mean, it’s pretty much the same thing as youth, right?

And when you aren’t facing challenges, perhaps you have a few… not-so-great moments.

Like when you host a contest for your youth and inevitably, someone breaks an arm playing frisbee or … “chubby bunny” ends with a trip to the bathroom.

Or those times you accidentally buy some diapers with the church credit card. Oops.

No matter what happens, it’s part of the gig

While working with youth can be oh-so-rewarding, it can also be tough and challenging. And, well, because we all need at least two things: 

  1. A distraction
  2. Something to poke fun at

(we promise, do not take this seriously at all!), we are bringing Youth Ministry Madness back for our second year!

Last year, we focused on youth ministry clichés and this year, we are expanding it out to include four different regions – covering your biggest challenges, leadership tips, ministry oops (because they are inevitable), and of course, the best of the best of youth ministry clichés.

We need YOU to help us determine the best trope.

How do we determine the best?

It’s the one that resonates the most. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek. And it probably doesn’t apply to you on the day-ot-day. But it makes you laugh and nod your head and say “yes, that definitely is what it means to be a youth worker!”

We had such a blast reading last year’s submissions, we have great anticipation for this year’s results.


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Written by Sparkhouse


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