The Best (or Worst?) Youth Ministry Cliches: Announcing the Elite Eight!

Mar 21, 2018 2:00:57 AM / by Sparkhouse

March Madness isn't just for basketball! Join in on the fun by uncovering the best (or worst?) youth ministry cliche!





From buzzer beaters to amazing upsets (who could’ve guessed UMBC would take down No. 1 ranked Virgina), this year’s March Madness tournament has been one for the books! But, you know what’s even one better?

The Best (or Worst?) Youth Ministry Cliches, brought to you by Sparkhouse! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting your votes to see which clichés make you cringe (or laugh) the most. There have been a few notable upsets—how about “Who wants a T-shirt?” winning by just ONE vote to head into the Sweet 16!

The fun continues with the reveal of the Elite Eight this morning, and there are some that have made it far further than we ever anticipated. Before you head over to vote, a rundown of the eight best (or worst?) youth ministry clichés that never seem to get old (or maybe they get really, really old):

Vacation vs. Messy Office

OH, you weren’t on vacation while you were on that mission trip? As perhaps the most misunderstood trip ever, it makes sense why “Vacation” made it to the top of the Church Staff Bracket, going up against “Messy Office”—I mean, it’s not messy if you can find everything you need within arm’s length, right? 

Elite Eight Vacation vs. Messy Office Image | Sparkhouse Blog

Side Hugs and A-frames vs. Bring a Friend

How many names do you have for appropriate hugs? As you run out of fingers to count the ways, it’s no wonder why “Side Hugs and A-frames” made it to the top of the list for the Relational Ministry Bracket. For the Elite Eight, it’ll face off with “Bring a Friend”—you know, that one night each and every year when you encourage kids to bring friends to youth group.

Youth Group Names–Acronyms vs. No Purpling

We all know what youth leaders are really good at—turning ANY word into a good ol’ acronym. Which, perhaps, makes this one of the best (or worst) youth ministry clichés of all time: “Youth Group Names–Acronyms.” However, it’ll be a true test of stature as it goes up against “No Purpling”—you know, boys are blue, girls are red, no purple!

It’s Not About Numbers vs. Be Intentional

Facing off in the Youth Worker Sayings bracket, we have two fan favorites. “It’s not about the numbers” (you know, quality over quantity when it comes to youth on your mission trips) goes head-to-head with “be intentional,” perhaps the most all-purpose phrase we’ve ever heard in youth ministry.


Want to join in on the fun of uncovering the best (or worst?) youth ministry cliches? Tell us who should advance to the Final Four by submitting your vote for the Elite Eight today!

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