Welcome to My World: Sunday School on YouTube

Jul 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse

One way to do Sunday school during this time of pandemic is the “Welcome to My World” model. Similar to what many churches enjoyed while using Sparkhouse’s Family Sunday School option over Eastertide, in the “Welcome to My World” model, teachers, directors, church musicians, and pastors have invited families into their sheltering-in-place worlds. Living rooms, backyards, kitchens, and workshops all became YouTube and Facebook Live studios. Kids are getting to see their church leaders in new places, interacting in ways that are both powerful and deeply personal. You can find productions that are wacky and wonderful that hit on every learning style imaginable. And you can find simple, meaningful experiences for kids such as telling the story of Jesus—like Amy Hansen of Our Saviour’s in Hastings, Minnesota, does—with a single sheet of paper!

Our kids are quite accustomed to seeing YouTube influencers, but what makes for the best interactions in every case is the way that influencers allow their personalities and passions to shine. These are times to be real, not to attempt things that run counter to who you are and what kids have come to know about you.

The rotation model is a good way to keep things interesting while leading Sunday school solo. This model typically features a variety of workshops, from art to cooking to technology, but you can adapt it to mean that you do a variety of activities on your own in front of a camera. Tap into Spark Rotation for ideas! Whether taking videos of cooking up something in the kitchen, singing a song with your guitar, doing a wacky science project in the garage, or just sitting on the couch sharing the Spark Story Bible, trust that you can influence faith formation from a distance, with a Fred Rodgers quality that invites your kids to get up close and personal.


  • Pro: Uses supplies you have around the house
  • Pro: Kids get to see your familiar face
  • Con: No live interaction time with your church community
  • Pro/con: Families bear the responsibility of helping kids do the recommended activities

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Written by Sparkhouse


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