Unique ways to give back to others during Christmas

Dec 14, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Christmas serves as a time to give back to others; for many, this time of year offers a chance to get together with community members, friends, and family over a service project or donation to those in need.

There are numerous ways that you can give back to others during Christmas (some as simple as volunteering at your local soup kitchen!). In this blog post, check out some unique ideas to give back to others to truly celebrate the reason for the season with your loved ones. 

Give the gift of livestock

Yes, livestock! No, it doesn’t mean that you have to figure out a way to put a chicken under the Christmas tree. ELCA Good Gifts allows you to gift livestock to someone in need around the world. For just $15, you can get started by gifting a rooster and change someone’s life. 

Pack a shoebox

Operation Christmas Child has changed children’s lives for the past 25 years by inviting others to pack a shoebox to gift to a child in need. No time to pack? A donation of $9 will gift a shoebox for you.

While National Collection Week was in November, there’s still time to pack and donate!  

Adopt a local family

Many local TV and radio stations work with local families in need to create a need/wish list for groups and families to adopt and contribute to. Search your local community to see if these opportunities exist and give back! 

Partner with other community groups

Groups like Santa Cops work hard to create a season of giving during the holidays. See what you can find in your community and work together to help families in need. Whether it’s donating your time or specific gifts, either are appreciated by these community groups that come together during this time of year.


Find more service ideas in our FREE downloadable with additional ideas for your faith community!



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