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Dec 4, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


In 2019, Sparkhouse will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of Spark: Activate Faith Sunday school, a curriculum that builds Biblical literacy from age two through grade six. As part of the celebration, we’re excited to announce an exciting update to Spark Rotation Sunday school, a rotation-based curriculum that works for Sunday school classrooms of all sizes.


What is rotation Sunday school?

Rotation Sunday school focuses on teaching kids a single Bible story over multiple weeks by using activities in a workshop-style setting. Each week, kids rotate to a different workshop to experience the story in a different way. Our newest edition of Spark Rotation includes a new workshop and updates to an old favorite!


NEW! Digital Media and Technology Workshop

In the ten years since we first launched Spark Rotation, technology has advanced leaps and bounds, especially in terms of digital media. Uber, Instagram, and Snapchat were just dreams at that point; and well, that’s just a starting point! Today, for many kids, digital media serves as a core for them – both from communication and learning.

Our new workshop in Spark Rotation, Digital Media and Technology, focuses on faith formation and technological literacy. It uses a variety of technology – smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, video, and voice recorders – as ways for kids to connect the Bible stories with their everyday lives.

Don’t worry! Not every kid needs to have a device; and the device choices are quite basic.  The number of devices and what you use can be selected by your leaders to meet your church’s offerings. 

The workshop works best by having kids working in group, sharing resources and learning from each other. Even though they might be using a tablet or digital camera, the lesson will always begin with the Bible story and the lesson focus statement central to each Spark lesson.

For instance, kids might explore the neighborhood using a map app to learn about how Joseph had to travel when he was forced to leave his home. Kids will search for pictures and information about flowers and plants to create a poster about caring for plants while learning about the Garden of Eden.


Updated: Video Workshop

Just as digital media has changed over the past decade, so has our pop culture and videos. As such, we updated the Video workshop in Spark Rotation to reflect today’s culture and include classic children’s films and popular favorites – making it easier for you to find the DVDs at your local library or use your chosen streaming services.  

Each Video workshop features two short video clips to help kids explore the Bible story. The Leader Guide has been updated with timestamps to be able to use DVDs or streaming for the videos to make it even easier for your leaders and volunteers to lead the workshop.


Ready to get started? The new Spark Rotation leader guides and director CDs with the Digital Media and Technology and updated Video workshops are now available for pre-order and will release on January 8. Order your Spark Rotation leader guides and director CDs now!

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