News for adult small groups: Announcing our second Dialogues On unit!

Nov 1, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Kelly Bakalich


When we started the Dialogues On series, Sparkhouse sought a way to create a safe space for people to discuss difficult social justice topics.

Our first unit, centered on the refugee crisis, launched earlier this year and we have loved hearing how you are using it with your small groups: From the church that used it to follow up a community awareness event about immigration to a campus ministry program that’s engaging their college students in a deeper discussion around refugees, we’ve loved hearing how it’s impacted your life.

Today, we’re excited to announce our next Dialogues On unit: Sexuality.

What is Dialogues On: Sexuality?

Sexuality is a topic that gets a lot of media attention in today’s world, often with conflicting information where people may be intimidated to bring up a perspective that may differ from others – which is exactly why we created Dialogues On: Sexuality.

In this series, your adult small group will cover topics like patriarchy and the church, women’s sexuality, sex and marriage, and how to be open and affirming to everyone. To lead the discussion, we asked leaders like Brandi Miller from Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Dr. Tina Shermer-Sellars, Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, to offer their perspectives and what it means to today’s world.

What does Dialogues On: Sexuality include?

The curriculum resources for Dialogues On: Sexuality brings together small groups around a Learner Book that offers a deeper dive into the facts and reality of sexuality in today’s church (many have found that this is a great resource they can read on their own, too!).

The Dialogues On: Sexuality Facilitator Guide helps small group leaders successfully lead a discussion around the topic at hand. For many, the idea of bringing such a complicated topic to light can be overwhelming. However, the facilitator guide is designed to offer resources to teach communication techniques, provide facilitation support, and even outline how each session should work.

Lastly, the Dialogues On: Sexuality DVD features documentary-style interviews that highlight how sexuality has impacted their lives, communities, and churches.  

How do I get started?

Right now, Dialogues On: Sexuality is available for pre-order – and, for a limited time only, you can get 25% off your order of Dialogues On: Sexuality! Use DIALOGUES25* at checkout (expires on January 7, 2019).


*Promo code cannot be combined with any other Sparkhouse offer and only applies to the facilitator guide, learner book, and DVD for Dialogues On: Sexuality.

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Kelly Bakalich

Written by Kelly Bakalich

As a marketing specialist at Sparkhouse, Kelly serves ministry leaders by sharing Sparkhouse's news through events, webinars, and emails. Outside of work, she volunteers as a youth small group leader at her local church and is inspired by her students’ desire to learn each day. Kelly also enjoys learning about health and fitness, hiking, camping, and playing volleyball…especially volleyball!


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