5 things to love about rotation Sunday school

Jan 29, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


From large to small; Sunday school to vacation Bible school; children’s ministry leaders have found that rotation Sunday school – a model that focuses on workshop-based learning – offers something for everyone to love.

Don’t believe us? Here are five things to love about using a rotation Sunday school model. 

Focus on repetition to help kids learn  

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” - Zig Ziglar

From increasing reading speeds to helping kids remember things for longer, studies have proven that repetition works. And, that’s what rotation Sunday school focuses on! Eight workshops offer different opportunities to learn about the same Bible story by using activities like cooking, music, and art, to share the message with your Sunday school kids. 

Engage multiple learning styles

Let’s face it: There are numerous learning styles and for kids that don’t learn in traditional ways, it can be challenging to keep them engaged. With rotation Sunday school, you can help all learning styles learn in a way that speaks to them. As a result, your Sunday school kids will have a better understanding of the Bible. 

Adapt to unpredictable Sunday school attendance

Busy family schedules make it difficult for parents to get their kids to Sunday school each and every week – and this presents a challenge for Sunday school leaders. How many kids will you have? Will you have enough to have an activity? What if you build on what kids learned last week? 

With rotation Sunday school, your Sunday school attendance can vary and kids will still learn when they’re able to come. Because of its workshop style, it’s easy to adapt to whether you have 100 percent or 30 percent attendance for the week. 

Make it easier to recruit volunteers

Yes, you read that right – rotation Sunday school makes it easy to recruit volunteers!


Your congregation likely includes teachers, musicians, cooks, scientists, you name it! Tap into their talents to help them lead rotation Sunday school and give them the opportunity to share their passions with your kids. 

Use all areas of the church

Every church offers unique spaces, many of which aren’t used on a frequent basis. With rotation Sunday school, you can take the kids out of the Sunday school classroom and invite them to explore and appreciate what other rooms the church has to offer. 


Want to learn more about Rotation Sunday school? Check out Spark: Activate Faith Rotation and download free samples to see how it would work for you.


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