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Aug 24, 2018 7:00:21 AM / by Sparkhouse

Exciting new curricula and resources from Sparkhouse, releasing in Spring 2018! | Sparkhouse Blog

If you’re in ministry, chances are that you don’t have much time search for the newest resources or watch for the latest coupon codes, even if you are up on your favorite social media channels.

We totally get that, and here at Sparkhouse, we strive to make your lives easier every way that we can. We know some of our community prefer quick videos to get the latest information so that you can spend more time doing what you love. That being said, we’re excited to announce a resource that helps you with all of these things: Sparkhouse Weekly, our newest video series.

Sparkhouse Weekly will provide you a quick (extra emphasis on the quick, we promise!) update on the inside scoop of our latest products, ministry trends, the happenings of the Sparkhouse office, and (of course, we save the best for last!) ... an exclusive coupon code for listeners! We welcome you to submit topics or questions you’d like us to cover via our social channels or by emailing us, and it may be featured in a future episode.

The First of Many

Our first edition of Sparkhouse Weekly shows how the Sparkhouse community stayed connected with their church this summer through the Flat Jesus project. We also shared some insight into how Sparkhouse curriculum comes to fruition from incredible developers and contributors using a process called a “creative jam.”

Erik, product developer, discusses how the process makes. Lastly, we share a very special coupon code (hint: you have to watch to find out what it is … but make sure you do soon so it doesn’t expire on you!)!

Our hope is that the Sparkhouse Weekly will inspire you, make you smile, and get you the information to help you spark faith in your communities.

Tune in for week one and subscribe to Sparkhouse Weekly here.

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