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Dec 3, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


We just kicked off Advent and Christmas is just around the corner – so the holiday celebrations are in full force! While we are encouraging ministry leaders to focus on the reason for the season this year, we do know that giving continues to be a big part of the Christmas season.

As you consider your gifts this year, Sparkhouse invites you to join in on our end of year sale with some spectacular pricing on your favorite resources for early childhood, children, youth, adults.

Before you head over to our website to shop, check out our top 10 items to check out in our holiday gift guide for ministry leaders! Want to share the list? Check out our free download below! 

Frolic Faith Music CD

Bring the Bible to life for your toddlers and preschoolers through music with tunes on the Frolic Faith Music CD! Give them a reason to dance and celebrate in your preschool Sunday school, or offer it as a resource option for families to continue to build faith at home. $3.90, regularly $12.99


Frolic Family Storybooks Bundle

Teach your little ones important values and faith concepts with the Frolic storyworld, featuring the adventures of Ava, Hal, Jo, Rufus, and Uri as they learn important lessons about sharing, friendship, and dealing with feelings like anger. The Frolic Family Storybooks Bundle features 13 storybooks, ideal for toddlers age 3-5. $42.00, regularly $139.99


Holy Moly Christmas Bundle for Families

Whether you are sharing with families involved in your ministry or providing resources for your community, you can’t beat the pricing of the Holy Moly Christmas Bundle for Families. At more than 80% off retail price, this storybook and DVD gives families a way to celebrate Jesus’ birth at home. $4.99, regularly $27.98


Spark Story Bible Poster Pack

Kids LOVE to learn about the Bible with our Spark characters. Help them learn about key stories in the Bible, including Noah’s Ark, Christmas, and Holy Week with the Spark Story Bible Poster Pack, featuring four full-color themed posters and reproducible coloring sheets! $3.30, regularly $10.99


Spark Story Bible

The award-winning Spark Story Bible will bring delight and wonder to your Sunday school kids as they learn about God’s Word through colorful art and rich retellings of popular Bible stories! Featuring 150 Bible stories, the Spark Story Bible gives your kids a foundation for biblical education to last a lifetime. $14.99, regularly $19.99


Shaped by the Story

Discover the art of Bible storytelling with Shaped by the Story by Michael Novelli. After a missionary introduced Novelli to the art of Bible storying, he focused on educating others to sharing the Bible through storytelling, creative retelling, and dialogue. In this book, learn how you can use this approach in your ministry and the essential tools to use for your success. $14.99, regularly $19.99


Colaborate: Bible Study

Whether for confirmation or for your Sunday school, take your kids on an exploration of the Bible with Colaborate: Bible Study. Covering the Old and New Testaments, dig into essential Bible stories over the course of 30 lessons – helping your kids understand how the Bible relates to their everyday faith. $17.99 leader guides (regularly $29.99); $8.09 (regularly $9.99) student handbooks


re:form Bible Storyline Poster Pack

Help youth deepen their knowledge about biblical ancestors with the re:form Bible Storyline Poster Pack. As a component of the re:form Ancestors curriculum, this resource offers a visual for kids to dig deeper into the lives of Isaac, Moses, Daniel, and 13 other characters from the Bible. $6.00, regularly $19.99


Animate: Faith DVD

Take your small group on a deeper exploration of their faith with the Animate: Faith DVD, which features leading voices in Christianity exploring topics like Jesus, salvation, religion, and the church. This DVD is a component of the Animate: Faith curriculum, but could be a great resource for new small groups. $21.00, regularly $69.99


Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis Learner Book

Refugees in America. It’s a tough topic. The history of refugees can be traced back to the Bible, and for centuries, the church has played a pivotal role in the refugee movement. Given today’s world, what do refugees mean for your community? Your church? Your country? In the Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis Learner Book, dig into seven Christian perspectives around key topics relating to refugees to explore what it means to today’s Christians. $7.49, regularly $9.99


Download our suggestions in this document to share with other ministry leaders and use as a checklist for holiday shopping.


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