Helping Kids Connect During COVID-19

Oct 15, 2020 9:00:00 AM / by Cathy Skogen-Soldner

How do we keep kids connected to the church, and each other, during this season of separation? We simply plan and facilitate relational activities designed specifically for children.

Designate a small group leader to create a private Facebook group and invite parents to join, or create an email chain and invite people to use “reply all.” Just a reminder . . .

Kids like pictures. Pictures are a great way to make connections and get to know each other better.

  • Post pictures of their pets.
  • Post pictures of smiles; then challenge the kids in the group to guess whose smile is in the post (eyes, hair, nose and baby pictures work, too!).
  • Post a picture of something inside or outside of the house that reminds them of God

Kids like to talk and listen to each other.

  • Post what they love to eat for breakfast.
  • Post a rock scavenger hunt along with a devotional on “The Lord is my rock.”- Psalm 18:2. 
  • Post what they like best/least about school.

Kids like to laugh together.

  • Post something that made them laugh this week.
  • Post a joke.
  • Post video clips of themselves laughing . . . it’s contagious.

Kids like to do something to help out at church . . . even virtual church.

  • Invite them to create a video playing a piano piece.
  • Encourage them to help write the prayers for a worship service.
  • Ask them to read a scripture lesson for virtual worship.

Kids like parties and mission projects.

  • Post something they did to care for the earth this week.
  • Issue a “serve one another” challenge and then report back to tell the group what they did to help someone out.
  • Post birthdays so everyone can send birthday greetings.

Lastly, use the mail because kids love getting something in the mail.

  • Mail care packages to kids that include a craft, snack, Bible verse and a few questions to ponder.
  • Mail a note. Enclose an extra note card (& stamp!) so children can reach out to others.
  • Recruit adult pen pals and prayer partners to make personal connections with children.

This is important work; I should know. Some of the connections I made at church as a child have lasted my whole life!

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Cathy Skogen-Soldner

Written by Cathy Skogen-Soldner

Cathy Skogen-Soldner is composer and owner of Cathy’s Music. Some of her best insights and creative ideas have come from nuggets she has received from the children in her life.


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