Which Frolic friend are you?

Feb 4, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Are you the life of the party?

Do you prefer to think for some time before making a decision?

Do you like to constantly be on the move so you can take everything in?


Depending on how you answer these questions, you may identify with Uri, Jo, Rufus, Ava, or Hal, the main characters in the Frolic storyworld that little ones know and love. 

Wait, what is the Frolic storyworld? 

The Frolic storyworld follows the adventures of Uri, Jo, Rufus, Ava, and Hal as they explore their faith and key values, like friendship, sharing, dealing with feelings like anger, and patience.

For toddlers and preschoolers, the Frolic storyworld gives them a connection point with which they can identify; and for ministry leaders, it gives them a tool to start the conversation about faith and values. 

The Frolic storyworld is a component of the Frolic curriculum, which features resources for the church nursery, preschool, and family connections. From a play-based preschool curriculum to tools to host parent-child faith classes, Frolic enables you to create a program that builds faith from birth through age five. 

How do I find my Frolic friend?

Take our Frolic Friend quiz and find out if you relate to Uri, Jo, Rufus, Ava, or Hal.

Fun fact: each of the characters were designed to reflect a personality that you know so well in your toddler or preschool class. And, as your kids grow, learn, and change, so do the Frolic storyworld characters!

(Before you get started, know that this quiz is meant to evoke goodhearted discussion about your Frolic Friend and hopefully result in some laughs about your Frolic connection!)


Ready to get started? After you take our Frolic Friend quiz, tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to tell us who your Frolic friend is!

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Written by Sparkhouse


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