Should you use a free Sunday school curriculum?

Nov 27, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Go to Google and type in “free Sunday school curriculum.” You’ll likely see thousands, maybe even close to a million different results, all promising an easy-to-use Sunday school curriculum that will cost you nothing. 

But, will it?

While you may be reading this post thinking, of course they are going to say that you shouldn’t use a free Sunday school curriculum, they sell Sunday school curriculum! – hear us out! There are a few important things to think about before you start using a free Sunday school curriculum. 

Who created it?

When you choose a free Sunday school curriculum, sometimes it can be hard to know who created the resources. Do they have a theology degree? What’s their experience in leading Sunday school, or even teaching kids about faith?

Even if you are purchasing Sunday school curriculum, it’s important to do your research to make sure the resources are theologically sound and help your kids learn about the Bible.


Does it support multiple learning styles?

Free curriculum often doesn’t follow educational best practices like you’ll find in Sunday school curriculum that you purchase. Following best practices from educational leaders can make sure that you are supporting multiple learning styles, giving all kids the ability to grow in a setting that fits how they learn best.  


What will your kids achieve through the lesson?

Often times, free Sunday school curriculum includes lessons that are quite basis – such as using a coloring sheet to show an important event in the Bible or playing a game to learn a story. 

That’s a great way to engage kids, but does it help them learn the Bible? What does it do for their faith formation? Does it fit your goals for your Sunday school program? Considering these questions can ensure that the lesson meets the goals that you have for your kids, too. 


Not all Sunday school curricula is created equally, and the same can be said for free Sunday school curriculum. When you are evaluating Sunday school curriculum, take time to review samples and know the background of the lesson. After all, your kids’ faith formation relies on it!

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