The Enneagram test and youth ministry

May 23, 2018 7:00:35 AM / by Leah Pettit

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In our last post, we talked about the Enneagram test and how it reveals key qualities for different personalities. Now, we will dig deeper into what this means for youth ministry and as a youth leader, what types of personalities you'll encounter.

As kids begin to grow older, they go through times of change and discovery of who they are. With that comes many different personality types that as a youth leader, you are trying to relate to and understand. We have the shy kids, sporty kids, talkative kids, and everything in between. Each youth group comes with its own set of insecurities, dreams, struggles and laughter. In the midst of all these differences, we want each student to feel comfortable, accepted and loved. To help leaders reach this goal, we will discuss the different personalities you may face when leading your youth group and how they relate back to the Enneagram test.

The Gamer Kid

The first personality type I will touch on is called the Gamer Kid. This kid loves playing video games and has a hard time putting the controller down. It is likely that this kid would be a 5, the Investigator. These types are intelligent and tend to become experts in the areas that capture their interest. They will work their hardest to be the best by committing their free time to practicing, instead of hanging out with others.

The Eager Kid

Next, is the Eager Kid. This kid has the answer to every question you ask. They are always raising their hand or blurting out answers. They are similar to the gamer kid in the sense that they love to know everything about a certain subject. This personality type resembles a 3, The Achiever. They feel the need to be admired for being really good at something and want the rest of the kids to see them as successful.

The Home School Kid

Then we have the Home School Kid. They are always excited to get out of the house and see other people, but when it comes down to it, they are very shy. This person is thought to be a 4, The Individualist. They want to be noticed by others as unique. Overall, they tend to be introverts and long to be understood by others.

The Church-is-life Kid

We also have the Church-is-life Kid. This kid loves church and is always attending every event. No matter what is going on at the church, this kid will be there. They are most likely to be a 7 or a 2, which is The Enthusiast or The Helper. They are always giving more than receiving and live a life full of excitement. Their enthusiasm and happiness are contagious to the people around them.

The Too Cool Kid

Now we have the Too Cool Kid. This kid comes to church on a regular basis but does not participate in the discussions. This type of person closely aligns with an 8, The Challenger. They don’t want to be vulnerable because they may run the risk of being made fun of or jeopardize their reputation, but they want to be known, loved and understood. They are committed to church, but afraid to ask questions and get involved. Often times, they don’t believe they are too cool, it is simply a mask they hide behind.

The Quiet Kid

Next, is the Quiet Kid. This kid is always present at church but will not talk. They are very introverted and don’t like to put themselves out there. This personality resembles a 9, The Peacemaker. They never want to cause problems, they simply like to listen to the discussion. Even though they do not talk, they appreciate being acknowledged by others.

The Sporty Kid

Then we have the Sporty Kid. While constantly thinking about when the next time they can play a game is, they struggle to engage in discussion. They show others that they are athletic and always want to be there for activities that are fun and stimulating. This is the type of kid that shows up to church simply for the games. The personality type of this kid aligns with a 3, The Achiever. They are confident in their skills and are very socially competent.

The Over-sharer Kid

Lastly, we have the Over-sharer Kid. This kid really loves to chat and has a hard time being quiet. They want to share everything with the group, whether or not it’s necessary. This personality is most likely a 6, The Loyalist. They sometimes feel insecure or anxious, which leads to them rambling on in order to make their presence known.


Interested in learning more about each of these personalities, the Enneagram test, and what they mean to your youth group? Check out our Youth Ministry Podcast episode, where we talk in more detail about the different personalities in youth group and what it means for you as a leader. 


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Leah Pettit

Written by Leah Pettit

As a member of the marketing team at Sparkhouse, Leah serves ministry leaders by developing resources to support their ministry needs. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and takes any chance she can to be outside hiking, biking or kayaking.


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