Now available! A new adult small group series from Sparkhouse

Jul 19, 2018 7:00:25 AM / by Kelly Bakalich

Now available! A new adult small group series from Sparkhouse | Sparkhouse Blog

Do you have adults in your small group ministry who are intentional and passionate about discussing what’s going on in today’s world? Or some who are intimidated to bring up a perspective that may differ from others? Either way, everyone’s point of view is important to consider and respect, and facilitation skills are key in adult small group settings.

At Sparkhouse, we feel strongly about helping you create spaces where people feel safe, respected and valued. And to give you resources and tools that support effective communication to turn potential conflict into community.

Trust us, you’re going to want to take a look at this.

Dialogues On is a brand-new adult small group series that focuses on small group discussion around difficult global and local issues, and how faith ties into these topics. It’s designed to help churches take a hard look at stories from different perspectives while pursuing group-lead solutions.

Each Dialogues On series comes with a Learner Book, Facilitator Guide, and DVD to support your group conversations. Every week small groups will take away a new communication skill, gain experience actively applying it, and increase knowledge and understanding of the topic.

The series contains stand-alone topics for eight weeks of discussion. That means your group will read and hear a different perspective about the refugee crisis in each session. What does that mean for leaders? Flexibility to customize discussions to your group based on feedback and interaction.

What’s more, it’s available today!

The first series, Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis, takes a look at today’s refugee crisis through the individual lenses of several different authors and contributors. For example, Jenny Yang, Vice President of Advocacy & Policy at World Relief, shares her personal experience in relation to international policy and the ongoing refugee crisis from a global perspective. Her well-researched information, along with the other nine authors’ chapters, allows groups to see past biases and look at the facts.

Matthew Soerens, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief, challenges small groups by asking, “What does a Christ-like response to the refugee crisis look like?” This type of question will motivate your small group participants to dream big as they create solutions of their own.

Dialogues On: The Refugee Crisis is available for you to purchase today! To learn more about how this new resource can benefit your adult small group ministry, visit us at

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Kelly Bakalich

Written by Kelly Bakalich

As a marketing specialist at Sparkhouse, Kelly serves ministry leaders by sharing Sparkhouse's news through events, webinars, and emails. Outside of work, she volunteers as a youth small group leader at her local church and is inspired by her students’ desire to learn each day. Kelly also enjoys learning about health and fitness, hiking, camping, and playing volleyball…especially volleyball!


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