A Christmas blessing for ministry leaders

Dec 21, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


Take 30 seconds and write down everything that comes to mind when you read,

“The reason for the season is ...” 

Yes, these last days of Advent are busy, but take a moment for you and give it a try!

Okay, now look over your responses and consider these questions:

Where did you surprise yourself? 

What insights do they give you about your thoughts on the Advent and Christmas seasons?

What might you choose to share with someone to get them thinking about why the story (and the holiday) matters in their life?


The reason for the season?

Christmas is a time marked by excitement and anticipation. It’s baked into our culture. However, Christmas is also deeply connected to the DNA of our faith. 

When Jesus was born, the entire world changed. It was a reminder that God desires to be close to us in ways we cannot imagine. The promise for the church and the world is Jesus Christ; he has come to the world and he will come again.


God is at work in our midst. Part of our job is to be witnesses to the presence of God among us.

If Jesus is the reason for the season...

What does that look like for you this Christmas?

What new action might you take to change the world – close by or far away? 

God the Creator who delights in you,

Jesus the Savior who is born for you,

and the lifegiving Spirit who shines on you,

bless you and keep you in love, hope, peace, and joy.




Christmas blessings from the Sparkhouse team!

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Written by Sparkhouse


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