5 ideas to celebrate Pentecost in your Sunday school classroom

May 18, 2018 7:00:37 AM / by Sparkhouse

Celebrate Pentecost with your Sunday School class | Sparkhouse Blog

Pentecost Sunday occurs 50 days after Easter. It marks the day the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, which created unity among the early followers of Christ. This can be a difficult concept to explain to young children because you can’t see the Holy Spirit.

These activities that can help children have a clearer understanding of this amazing event.

Read and act out the Pentecost

Read Acts 2:1–21 to your class and then have them act the story out. Add props like a nature CD of rushing wind to symbolize the Holy Spirit coming down. Or let the kids make the sound of the wind. You can also use strips of red and orange fabric tied around their heads to symbolize the “tongues of fire.” If you have enough time to plan ahead, you could even make a costume for each child to wear while acting out the story.

Have a birthday party

Explain to the children that Pentecost is “the church’s birthday.” Bring in a cake or a cupcake arrangement in the shape of a dove. Let the children decorate it using the colors and symbols of Pentecost, such as the color red and the symbol of flames. Take some pictures of their work and then enjoy a delicious treat.

Children's birthday party | Sparkhouse Blog

Learn other languages

For older children, split your class into two or three groups and teach each group a few phrases in Spanish, French, and Italian. Make sure everyone understands each phrase. Then let them talk to each other in various languages. This will help them understand that when the Holy Spirit descended upon the people, they spoke in other languages.

Outreach activity

Explain to your class the various ways your church reaches out to the community. Let them choose one or two things they would like to get involved with. It could be anything from a clothing or toy drive to saving their allowance as a class to bless someone at Christmas. Let them know this is how the Holy Spirit works through people—by giving them compassion and a yearning to help others.

Learn from other nationalities

Invite members of your church that are of other nationalities to speak about how they celebrate Pentecost.


In using these suggestions, you will provide a clear introduction to Pentecost that kids can relate to their own lives. Plus, they’ll have fun learning through different kinds of activities!

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