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Apr 13, 2018 7:00:18 AM / by Cathy Skogen-Soldner

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Preschoolers often RUN to the front of the sanctuary when they are invited to be a part of a worship service. They RUN! With this special kind of enthusiasm, it’s time to create more opportunities for preschoolers to lead us “big” people in worship.

Introduce prayers for preschoolers

Why not let your preschoolers write the prayers? Preschool class time is a perfect place to get preschoolers involved in writing prayers that celebrate a loving God. A God who gives gifts that surprise them and make them smile every day.

Preschoolers love to have something to do with their hands. So, provide each child with a bottle of bubbles. Before they can blow bubbles, they’ll need to make a list of the things that surprise them and make them smile.  Once the list is complete, read each item and encourage the children to blow bubbles of thanks to God.

This process reminds them of God’s generous and loving heart. By naming the gifts that God has given them, preschoolers learn that prayer can be a simple list of things that make them smile. It helps them practice being thankful children. And, it encourages them to share God’s abundance with people around them and around the world.

Little girl plays with bubbles | Sparkhouse Blog

Invite preschoolers to share with your congregation

Next, let the preschoolers lead worship by sharing their prayers! Invite the children to come to the front of the sanctuary and provide each child with a bottle of bubbles. Remember: preschoolers tend to “clump” together. You may want to place felt fabric circles on the floor so they know exactly where to stand.

Invite the congregation into these prayers for preschoolers with eyes wide open. Tell them that the children will share their bubbles of thanks in celebration of a loving God who specializes in good gifts that surprise us and make us smile every day.

As the leader reads the prayers, he or she will likely mention gifts like sunshine and flowers; night lights and bath time. Meanwhile, the children will blow bubbles as their way of showing God their thankfulness for these gifts. As the leader thanks God for buddies and grandparents, and smiles and hugs, the children will continue to blow bubbles of thanks.


The simpleness of this prayer equips preschool children to be successful at leading worship.  And the bubbles … well, everyone loves bubbles!

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Cathy Skogen-Soldner

Written by Cathy Skogen-Soldner

Cathy Skogen-Soldner is composer and owner of Cathy’s Music and works as Coordinator of Children’s Worship Participation at St. Timothy Lutheran. Some of her best insights and creative ideas have come from nuggets she has received from the children in her life.


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