Benefits of youth serving in the nursery

Apr 8, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Sparkhouse


If you have had the privilege of serving alongside youth in your nursery, you know just how much of a blessing they are. They bring an infectious energy and bubbly personalities to the entire area! Inviting youth volunteers to serve with your little ones doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With some planning and practices in place they can become a very active part of your nursery ministry team.

Note: When youth are serving in the nursery, be sure to always have at least one adult in addition to the youth volunteers. Sense of security, mentoring opportunities, and legal responsibilities are all important.

Youth serving in the nursery are more than spot-fillers or extra bodies in the room. They are a very essential part of expanding your ministry to babies. Here’s why:

  • Serving in the nursery helps youth develop a heart for serving others. By serving, youth volunteers develop compassion, patience, and attentiveness to the needs of those they serve.
  • Serving in the nursery helps connect youth to their church community. Our youth are not the church of tomorrow—they are the church of today. Integrate them into the life of your ministry by inviting them to be part of your volunteer team. Serving in the nursery is also a great way for older volunteers to mentor the younger ones.
  • Serving in the nursery gives youth ownership and a voice in their church. Youth who feel part of the overall church programming feels a sense of pride. Invite them to share their ideas about what is working well and what they would change if they could.
  • Serving in the nursery develops youth’s confidence and leadership skills. Your nursery environment is a great place for youth to build their leadership and critical thinking skills. Provide youth with opportunities to solve problems, make needed adjustments, and become responsible by being prepared and showing up when scheduled.
  • Youth who serve in the nursery are positive examples to their peers and younger students. Other youth will be watching your volunteers in action! They have a unique opportunity to make serving worthwhile to their peers and younger students.


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