Get appy: 5 apps for youth ministry leaders

Oct 10, 2018 7:00:00 AM / by Kelly Bakalich


Here’s a thought for your day: Today’s teens have never lived in a world where they didn’t have a device that gave them access to all the information in the world.

We’ll let that set in for a moment.

Even if you didn’t grow up in an age where you were surrounded by devices, technology has become the channel that we use for communication: sending a text, responding to an email, and sharing a picture of our favorite weekend moment, to name a few. 

As a youth worker, this offers a great opportunity to build authentic connections and support your youth as they explore their faith. Read on to find five apps to support you as a youth ministry leader.

Bible apps

Outside of time with your youth, Bible apps can continue your teachings and give youth an ongoing connection to the Bible. In addition, these apps often feature reading plans and an option to share verses on social media to extend faith formation.

There are several free Bible app options to choose from, such as The Bible App (formerly YouVersion), Bible Gateway, and the Olive Tree Bible app.


Podcasts serve as a great channel to dig deeper into key questions about faith and the Bible. As a youth worker, podcasts give you tools to keep your students connected with God, even if they may not be able to physically join you.

(Plus, did you know Sparkhouse has its own podcast? Check out our Youth Ministry Podcast, featuring two youth workers that share their perspectives on everything related to working in youth ministry. New episodes every Friday!)



You may be wondering why is on this list. Isn’t that a music playlist app? Yes! Many people feel connected to God through music and worship, including David: I will sing of your steadfast love, O LORD, forever;/ with my mouth I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations. (Psalm 89:1) 

There are many Christian playlists on Spotify. You or your youth group can also create your own shared playlist, including songs sung during worship services, on mission trips, or at camp!



Yes, texting! Just as God loves and encourages us through scripture, we also are called to spread love through words.

For youth workers, texting offers a great way to connect youth – reminding them about upcoming youth group or following up on a topic that you discussed. A short text wishing your youth a great day can make the world to them.


Note apps

Note apps – where do I even start with those! From tracking prayer requests to keeping a list of what supplies you need for the next weekend retreat, note apps keep your brain organized and well, on point. Need we say more?


These app categories are just a starting point for how you can use technology to connect with your youth. Beyond these, there are ice breakers, games, and everything in between to support you. If you have any other ideas for apps that support you in youth ministry, share them in the comments below!


Keep the technology discussion going! Check out our blog post with three more app recommendations from a youth ministry leaders.





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Kelly Bakalich

Written by Kelly Bakalich

As a marketing specialist at Sparkhouse, Kelly serves ministry leaders by sharing Sparkhouse's news through events, webinars, and emails. Outside of work, she volunteers as a youth small group leader at her local church and is inspired by her students’ desire to learn each day. Kelly also enjoys learning about health and fitness, hiking, camping, and playing volleyball…especially volleyball!


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