What it means to be a church volunteer

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To be a church volunteer means many things to different people. It could be a way to build community. Perhaps it's a rewarding experience that helps you feel more connected to God. For some, it can serve as a calling or as a foundation point to help the greater good. 

As we considered the meaning behind being a church volunteer, we asked you for what it meant to you. Why do you volunteer? How does it help you grow and change in your faith?

Check out what the Sparkhouse community had to say! 

Kathy Black from Indiana shared:

"I volunteer in many areas; my life's passion had always involved children. I have served in just about every way possible over the years! I have been involved in my current church for two years and wanted to do other areas of service. I have discovered I really am enjoying leading a group of 10 adults in an eight-week journey to learn to live in a relationship with Jesus. I look forward to each meeting and have discovered this I lead often lead me!"

Stefanie W., a "Kid Zone" volunteer for her church in Iowa shared:

"It has been such a blessing to volunteer in my church’s nursery/Sunday School program, “Kid Zone.” The program gives parents of small children a chance to worship without distraction, and it gives the little ones a chance to learn about Jesus, pray, and sing. I remember scrambling to keep my little boys happy and quiet for a whole service when they were small, and it feels really good to know I'm helping other moms. Now that my youngest is going to be five, being around babies and toddlers is an added bonus!"

Kristen F. from Ontario shared:

"Whether vacuuming floors or cooking for events, I help in material ways because what I get from our church far surpasses the material. Being in my church itself makes me feel warm and supported; I feel good offering what services I can to help keep the church community going, so it in turn can serve the wider community and each member of the congregation."

Keri S. from Orange County, California shared:

"Bi-monthly, another volunteer and I gather the girls ages 8-11 in our congregation for Activity Days. There we teach life skills, develop talents, and provide opportunities to serve. Our purpose is to help them build friendships and their faith.

I do it because I know it takes a village! When I was a young girl I participated in Activity Days. My leaders  taught me more than just how to bake bread and change a tire -- they showed me how to live a faith-filled life. Now I have two kids of my own, and someday I hope the Activity Days volunteers who teach my daughter will do the same."


Join the conversation! Tell us why you volunteer for your church in the comments below.


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