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May 14, 2018 7:00:09 AM / by Sparkhouse

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Often, church nurseries are born out of necessity. They give parents a reprieve and an opportunity to focus on Sunday’s sermon, while knowing that their infant or toddler receives the best of care from someone they trust. For some, church nurseries may be viewed as nothing more than a form of childcare. Just like other childcare professionals, the work of church nursery caregivers brings life-changing value to little ones and their families—if approached in a way to create a place of intentional ministry.

During their time in a church nursery, babies can begin to learn important faith concepts and develop a sense of trust. But what can you do to transform your church nursery? More to the point, what can you do with consideration to limited resources and a shoestring budget? Luckily, we have a few time-tested features that can help:

Church-wide support

A successful church nursery requires a dedicated location that is well suited to the work of caring for babies. This includes being stocked with reasonable supplies (e.g. diapers, towels, blankets) and furnishings (e.g. changing tables, cribs, play yards). It should be a place free from hazards and other structural or environmental roadblocks.

Dedicated caregivers

Reliable, prepared, and engaged caregivers are the cornerstone of a successful church nursery. Preferably, these caregivers serve regularly. Regular connection allows them to build relationships with the babies in their care and their families. Plus, it benefits the church nursery caregivers—helping them create a loving and supportive community with one another.

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Regular attendance

Building faith in infants and toddlers needs regular attendance. After all, rituals are a cornerstone in early childhood education as little ones learn how to grasp early concepts. How can you ensure that parents bring their children on a regular basis?

  • Promote your church nursery as a safe space within your church
  • Demonstrate how your church nursery helps to build faith among little ones
  • Establish positive relationships with parents through regular communication

Faith formation

In your church nursery, babies should hear Bible stories, scripture verses, and faith-based songs. The words that church nursery caregivers share with the babies in their care have a lifelong impact on those babies’ faith.

God is glorified

Your nursery ministry will glorify God through its intentionality. It will glorify God through the caregivers who faithfully serve there. And it will glorify God when it receives churchwide support and backing as an important ministry that does the work of Jesus.


Whether you’re looking to build a successful church nursery, or have already established one, by evaluating your goals and committing to these essential building blocks, you will ensure your ministry’s success.

This is just the start of what you can do to build an intentional church nursery! Ready to learn more? Check out the FREE e-book from Sparkhouse and child development professional Amber Lappin: Building an Intentional Church Nursery.

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