How can you build strong small group relationships?

Small group of people talk in a living room | Sparkhouse Blog

Each small group is going to look very different to the next. When we ask ourselves, “what works best for small group adult studies?” our minds are filled with several combinations of what will work and what won’t.

In this blog post, we aren’t going to tell you how to spend your time, but instead, learn three key tips to build and strengthen small group relationships so you can have the best time with each other.… Read the rest

Grief response: Preparing for post-tragedy ministry support

Grief response: preparing for post-tragedy ministry supportThis is the third and final blog post in a series offering support to ministry leaders as they support those in their congregations while they grieve.

There’s no telling when a tragedy will strike someone in your church community. Whether there’s a death in the congregation, an accident that takes the life of a beloved neighbor, or a fire or natural disaster that leaves people’s lives turned upside down, the very nature of this type of situation is that it is sudden and unexpected.… Read the rest